18 March 2015

Day 77: Affected

Why am I so affected. Everything be like, choose this week to turn my life upside down. Crying in public isn't something that I am happy about doing. But I just can't hold it anymore. People do not know.. they just don't. Well, let's hope these swollen eyes would turn normal before the next class.

Some people just do not know how much effort we put into something.

20 February 2015

Day 51 of 365: Brought to Makkah again

After a year, I was here again in Makkah. It's just that, I felt weird because there were not so many people in the mosque. Probably it's not a peak time. I can't recall who I was with. Seemed like friends but I don't know who.

If only it's true. If only I was really there, not just in the dream.

Probably He's sending me a message. Probably I've been forgetting Him lately. Probably He's reminding me. Because He knows that I'd do anything to be there again. Because He knows I'm so attached to the two Holy Lands. Probably He's telling me to do good deeds, avoid bad ones and keep repenting so that He'd take me to Saudi Arabia again.

I love His reminder. He's the Most Merciful. He teaches me in my sleep. He didn't do it the hard way. Probably because I'm that type who learns better with slow talks, not otherwise.

Allah, make me strong. Make it easy for me to be close to You. Make it hard for me to be distant from You. Forgive my wrongdoings, my sins, purify my heart and please let me be Your guest again. I'm missing al-Haramain so much.

07 February 2015

Page 38 of 365: 365 days ago

"Baik-baik jalan, jumpa lagi"

Jeddah International Airport, local time about 4pm.