30 September 2011

I need someone who is prepared for:


  1. A million questions
  2. Uncontrollable laughter
  3. My family
  4. My appetite
  5. Random dancing
  6. Sarcasm
  7. My friends
  8. Sad/ happy tears
  9. Deep talks
  10. My imaginations
  11. My dreams
  12. Walks in the rain
  13. Random texts
  14. Useless arguments
  15. and acceptance of the real me.
p.s: By the way, I found this somewhere. What say you?

08 May 2011

3 types of waiting & which hurts you the most.


There are three types of waiting.

  • WITH CERTAINTY: When the thing that you wait for is certain, is surely to happen. Only that it hasn't happened yet.
  • WITH OBSCURITY: When the thing that you wait for may be happening and may NOT be happening at the same probability. It could be, and it could be not. 50-50.
  • WITH IMPOSSIBILITY : When the thing that you wait for is never going to happen. You know it. It's just that you wanna wait.
People say that waiting is painful and killing. Amongst all three types, which one hurts the most? I choose number 2. Why? Because in situation number two... you never know what will happen next, what will happen at the end of the day. Whether it's going to happen, or not. 

Thus, do wait without expectations.
p/s: Is it possible?