27 January 2015

Page 27 of 365: Promising is one thing, keeping it is another.


Well I thought I could handle this. I thought I could write an entry a day. Well I fail as early as in the first month *cries*.


I am not disappointed with myself. I know that I've been busy taking care of my dad, been busy altering all the jubahs and dresses that I bought during my time in Malaysia. Well.. I did some calculation and apparently I've spent more than RM1000 for clothing *cries harder*. I can't believe myself. RM1000 isn't a small amount, at least for me. I was not this type. I hardly shopped when I was < 20 years old.

I conclude that this 'therapy' comes into my life as I have earned my own money. If I were to use my parents' money and buy clothes, I bet it wouldn't be easy to exceed even a hundred (just because I am a good girl, not wanting to burden my parents).

Hey, it's been 365 days. Tomorrow is the date when I departed for umrah. I wish to finish writing about my umrah but I am just helpless. I can't remember everything, I remember a little, here and there and I find it hard to compile them into one and in sequence. I miss you.

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