06 January 2015

Page 5 of 365: Tailor


So our favourite tailor has moved back to JB. She lived in Taman Universiti previously before she and her family moved to Melaka for a few years. Now they are back in JB yay!

So I had lunch with Mak and Abah somewhere in Taman Pulai Utama and then headed to this tailor's house. Next, I went to Maybank to solve my issue. My account was blocked when I was asked a challenge question when I was trying to pay someone. Apparently I answered the security question wrongly so my account was blocked :(

But then when I spoke to the officer at the bank, she said, all I need to do was phone the customer care line and yes I did, within 5 minutes, my account has been unblocked. I paid a girl who sold an abaya. God, I ABAYA so much. Especially black in colour. Black abayas just look right!

So up till today (throughout this break), I have bought 3 new abayas and 3 dresses :/ Well 2 of the dresses are RinaSalleh's and might be for the Aidilfitri so there are only 4 new ones for casual wear. However, I am so so so tired scrolling #sayajualjubah #sayajualabaya on Instagram just to see people abusing the hashtags and I came to realise that, today, dress is jubah is abaya. NO. To me they ARE different. Dress is usually more fancy, has a certain cutting. Jubah is much like dress except that it has no shape or at least, not that shape-ish. It is much more loose. Abaya, from what I understand is the outer garment that ladies wear on top of other outfit. Abaya must be black (for me lah). Abaya is also very loose at it is meant to be worn after you wear your usual t-shirts or blouses or whatever. Abaya should be non see-through.

Well... that's my opinion and I am not a fashion designer or whatever. I just don't really like to see the name of abaya being misused and mislabelled.

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