12 July 2015

Page 193 of 365: Back!


I am on my holiday, just a brief one. I've spent 5 weeks in Malaysia and there's another week to go. I'll be back to Wellington on 21st of July. I'm departing from KL on day 3 of raya.

Well my classes begin tomorrow but I'm skipping the first week because I really need to spend my raya in Malaysia this time as my siblings are all around unlike the previous years where everyone was scattered on Earth.

We plan to have a decent and actual raya photo this time. We'll also be having raya gathering on my Abah's side on the first day of raya. Oh I can't wait. Gathering= lots of food! How can I not miss rendang, oh!

By the way, a few days ago I received an email from my university and they congratulated me on my achievement in the last semester.

I definitely was happy but am also afraid. This coming semester is gonna be tough for me because I had to select courses (we call subjects as courses in New Zealand) that I don't really like. That's because there's no more Linguistics paper that I could take. Well let's hope that I'd ace this semester too! I have two more semesters to go and I'm scaredddd. I'm afraid to imagine my life after studies.