09 October 2015

Page 282 of 365: Shine bright like Wellington


I'm writing this from Cuba St. It's my third time here in 3 days straight. I do not know what I'm looking for at this place but this bench isn't like any other seats.

I had a sleepless night last night due to working on my assignment which is due 10 mins from now (5pm) but I've submitted it by lunch time today.

Tania came last night, but she spent last night at Salsabil. I worked on my assignment overnight so that I could finish early and got to see her today. I did.

I met her at my uni library and after submitting my assignment, we walked down to town and had lunch at Cinta. We then rushed to Botanic Garden and took many beautiful photos of the flowers (and ugly photos of us). We were there for less than an hour before Niena and Farzana fetched her.

I then took a bus to town again and randomly (because it's unplanned) made my way to the waterfront. The weather was great, and still is up to the moment I'm writing this. It's still cold, though, with clear skies.

There are so many people out in town now. The harbour was full of people, the streets are still busy, and here at this spot where I'm sitting, (let me count).. 31 people passed by in 1 minute.

I saw 4 familiar faces; they're some Malaysian girls. There's a violinist playing his tunes. I'm unsure if I should stay here any longer or should I go back home already. The night market is opening now, just like on any other Friday nights (5pm- 11pm).

I love this city. I feel peace living in it. I love the fact that I can always rely on nature to make me calm whenever wherever in Wellington. Wellington is nature. I live in nature. I need to go nowhere else.

My flatmate just called me. She asked if I wanna go shopping with her. I said yes, so I've got to go now. I'll edit and update this entry with photos that I took today.

P.s: still missing what doesn't miss me.

P.p.s: I didn't block anyone on Facebook or Twitter. I deactivated my accounts.

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