11 October 2015

Page 283 of 365: Messed up (for 10th)


Yesterday was an awful day. I felt awful all day. I stayed at home while the sun was majestic. I didn't feel bad for staying at home. I felt bad because it felt as if the neurones in my brain got tangled up. I planned to stay at home because I've spent a whole day outside the day before. Plus, I thought I should work on my assignment which is due this Monday.

I don't know what went wrong but yesterday was a waste. If I knew I couldn't focus, I would have gone out and cried my heart out. I just felt like screaming and wished things would be better.

They didn't.

Today I woke up and tried to feel more energetic and spirited. I did. By 12 pm, I managed to finish all the chores. Then I attempted to start with my assignment. Oh, wrong. This entry is about yesterday. I'll write a new one for today.


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