31 December 2015

Page 365 of 365: ALREADY?!


Hi there.

I know right, tomorrow is a new day in a new year. Who can believe that? I felt like it's just yesterday when I wrote this post here about my 2015 new year resolutions haha okay joking no way it could feel like yesterday. I admit it felt so recent like just few months ago but the fact is that it's been a total, whole 1 year!

Suddenly I feel like reviewing my 2015 OLD resolutions. Em let's see what I did achieve and what I did not. (oh by the way please remind me about my Shiseido experience, I plan to share it here in a greater detail compared to the one on Twitter)

I'd say I was not that successful for 1, 2, and 3. As for #1, I've had too much to always be patient. Sometimes people challenge us, our patience and  invite us into a fight but overall I'd say I did not really have any issue with anyone particular. At least I think so. 

For #2, I did not get to save as much as I did last year. Tbh I saved so much last year even though our monthly allowance then was just $1260 (now it's $1449). That was because I did not travel much or often last year and my house rent was just $456 per month whereas now it's $520 per month. Utilities can add up to about $80 monthly. So in average $600 is by default, gone, every time I receive that $1449. That hasn't included the transportation cost, i.e $1.66 per trip (one-way to uni) and doubles for return, hasn't included groceries, other necessities and random things that come up. Even so, I put away (hopefully can still continue this routine) $400 every month for saving. I don't shop a lot okay I mean I shop a lot sometimes but I always make sure they don't cost me a lot. Sometimes I had to 'steal' some money from my default $400 monthly saving to cover for that month's expenses. One reason for me saving less is TRAVEL. I travelled a lot (costed a lottttt) this year so I'd say most of my money went into travelling expenses but I don't regret anything about that. I love travelling especially to places like New Zealand (which I actually live in) where I can enjoy nature 24/7. I'll try share some photos of my travel later, or you can check them out in my instagram

Some travel photos of mine.

Hm #3, as I described in #2, money is an issue to me this year so I believe that kinda distorts my wish in #3 :( Please anyone make me richer next year or tomorrow, pleaseeee.

Haha talking about being fit and healthy.. I don't wanna comment on that but just so you know, I just bought a yoga mat last week on Boxing Day. What does that tell you? Ahaa yes correct I haven't been exercising before Boxing day or all this while since 1.1.2015. Bye.

#5 Yeeha I managed to do that! I talked with  lot more different people in 2015, I hung out with some random people that I was not even that close with so it's an achievement isn't it?

#6 Alhamdulillah this is my ultimate goal and I can safely say that I nailed it! 

I won't say I'm not proud of myself. I even made my parents proud, that's the best part. And the second best part was..


I hope I'll continue creating and achieving greater success in 2016 and in the future. Pray for me, will you? Thanks lovelies.

Okay, #7 and #8 were kinda a failure but #9, NUMBER NINE, was a huge success! I finally had the courage to face the reality, asked him straight, came clean and solved whatever that's unsolved. Now it's easier to let it go or forget the pain and memory but yeah probably not the person because I just had a dream about him last night LOL can you not?!

Almost the end... we're at #10 now. In terms of clothing and fashion choice, I think I made it because I have more feminine and ladylike clothes but in terms of character, em I can't tell. Those who live around me should know better.

Last but not least, #11. THAT.WAS.A.JOKE. Hahaha I didn't know that it was one tough work hahahahaha please forgive me y'all!

Till then, see you! Meantime, I'll think some new year resolutions if I have any. If you have anything to tell or ask me, I'm happy to answer. Oh! Let's play a game, you can tell or ask me anything and I must/ must not respond according to your request. Alright that's all!