26 January 2016

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Okay I know I am no blog star but I was very interested when I came across this one tutorial on how to put blog post view count. It's kinda embarrassing though because I just put it and it'll surely show my post view count as 0 haha it's like you'll know if there are people reading your writing or you're just pathetically talking to yourself!


  1. what kind of music u are listening to?

    1. To be honest, I rarely listen to music. I do, though, have music playing as a background noise like when I am cooking or folding the laundry :) But there are times when I'm feeling mellow or melancholic, I play sweet-sounding love songs and when I want to feel closer to god or feel like purifying my heart, I listen to nasyid & zikir. The songs on my iPhone are all under one playlist, and this playlist is named 'Zikir'. So you know I'm really not a fan of music. If I listen to music, I like poetic songs, poetic as in metaphoric, where the feelings and lyrics are conveyed beautifully and vaguely, that need us listeners to think.


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