06 May 2016

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I don't really have anything specific to talk about. I'm just wondering what I would be in the future. Where would I be? I'm kinda seeing myself travelling a lot, moving a lot, seeing people a lot. Since I was small, I've had this dream to work abroad, to represent Malaysia, to be someone significant, to make Malaysia proud and stuff.

Now that I'm approaching my final days in New Zealand, I'm starting to wonder. Where is my destination next? Yes I'll be doing teaching practicum for a few months following my homecoming but then in 2017, what would I do, where would I be? I'm kinda picturing myself still studying in New Zealand though haha I hope it's gonna be true because my heart is so attached to this country till I can't see myself not living in it.

By the way, the fact that there are people reading this blog kinda keeps me going. Receiving comments on my blog post seems to motivate me to write. I used to think that no one reads my blog anymore since blogspot days are long over. People no longer fancy blogging and blogreading that much. Instagram is the new thing!

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  1. Yup, postgraduate studies all they way. All the best and good wishes to u


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